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The "Buddy System Challenge" at [livejournal.com profile] stargateland, where I got to write with the cool kids:
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Here's the link:

These were mine:

001. bite:

005. explanation: "You are seriously telling me," Elizabeth said, torn between laughing aloud and banging her head against her desk, "that the level six living quarters are flooded, Miko has second degree burns on her toes, and Atlantis owes the people of PX-523 twenty-three milk cows--all because a marine ate the last package of Oreos?"

009. slow: "Too slow," Ronon said around the mouthful of tiny chocolate chip cookies he had just snagged off of Sheppard's lunch tray.

013. fate: "There are worse fates than being stuck in a galaxy three million light years away from the nearest Oreo," Chuck said, looking doubtfully at his bright purple desert, "but I really can't think of any at the moment."

017. wedding: "Oh all right, we'll come back for the chieftain's wedding," Rodney grumbled, "but there had better be some more of these raspberry cookies at the reception."

021. shelter: As Dr. Porter followed her team leader through the driving rain, she thought longingly of the small guest house they had been promised once they reached the village; she had plans for a change of clothes, a fire, and the package of Fig Newtons in her TAC vest.

025. revenge: "They will pay dearly for their mistake," Radek told the scientists in the lab, no doubt making the people who ate his cookies very afraid.

029. share: "This is your share," Madison said, handing her uncle one organic oatmeal-raisin cookie before clutching the rest of the bag to her chest, "and this is my share."

033. game: On his way to poker night, Rodney grabbed Sheppard by the arm and dragged him along, saying, "I need your freakish ability to hide your every emotion; my entire stash of cookies is on the line."

037. partner: "No Vala," Cam said, "I won't be your partner for the bake-off, and don't go trying to steal my mama's cookie recipes either!"

041. concern: "Of course, our foremost concern is the fate of the crew of the Daedalus; the shipment of peanut butter cookies is only of secondary importance."

045. dark : Yamato thought the silence might drive him mad as he huddled in the dark with his team, but he felt much better when he heard a rustling sound and realized that Stackhouse was eating a cookie.

049. sweet: "Sweet," said Ford, after taking a bite of the alien pastry, "these taste just like my mom's apple cookies."

053. betrayal: Sheppard hoped no one found out that he had given the last of the white chocolate chip cookies to Chaya.

057. apology: When Rodney found the note taped to an empty box of cookies in his private stash, his immediate fury melted into a sort of helpless affection as he read, "01110011 01101111 01110010 01110010 01111001 00100000 01100010 01110101 01100100 01100100 01111001." (helpful translator here: http://www.convertbinary.com/ .)

061. shower: "Don't let the cookies get wet," Sam said, looking anxiously at the picnic basket as the sky released a sudden rain shower, "because it's a long walk back to the stargate."

065. shield: "Oh, that's just not fair," Rodney complained, frantically trying to turn off the personal shield as Ford picked up the second to last cookie on the plate.

069. shrug: "Nah," John said, shrugging his shoulders, "you can have all the coconut cookies; I'm a generous guy."

073. laughter: "I guess Katie decided to make her special cookies after all," Cadman mused, hearing the sound of hiccuping laughter coming from the botany lab.

077. power:

081. food: "Now the wraith are nothing like humans," Dr. Biro told her new assistant as she prepared to dissect the charred and severed finger of the wraith queen, "so instead of pretending that this is a piece of overcooked meat, I like to think of it as a chocolate covered cookie--a ladyfinger perhaps."

085. time: "There's never a bad time to eat cookies," Ronon explained, seemingly unconcerned about the wraith darts whining in the distance.

089. taste: "Ugh, Athosian beer tastes awful with chocolate cookies," Dr. Keller said, wrinkling her nose in distaste.

093. flirt: "Alright Kirk," McKay said, nudging John with his elbow and then waving his hand toward the head councilor's rather unattractive daughter, "you can go do your thing; and, oh, see if you can get them to trade for some of those cookies that almost taste like vanilla wafers."

097. blood: Unable to get the sight of Dr. Parrish's blood-spattered face out of his mind, Lorne traded his second to last ballpoint pen for a box of Samoas to take to the doc in the infirmary.


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