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There's this theme week thing going on over at the [livejournal.com profile] stargateland community, so I'll be posting a few things here over the next couple of days. This is where I'm putting my responses to the day 1 prompts.

Prompt: 31-SGA, Teyla, meditation

Teyla awoke in the gray light before dawn. She blinked sleepily at the brown fabric above her head for a moment, wondering at the unfamiliar surroundings, and then remembered that she was on the mainland for a visit. She sat up slowly and rubbed at her sticky eyes. For just a moment, she wished for the convenience of running water that she had become accustomed to in Atlantis, then dismissed the thought as unworthy of a leader of her people. She was still a leader. Despite the changes in her life, that one thing would always remain.

Still, she thought as she crawled out of the tent and walked through the still sleeping village, it was strange to wake up here and to feel this free of responsibility. Since she had gone to Atlantis, Halling had taken over most of the day to day leadership duties for the Athosians. Her thoughts about her people now ran to generalities instead of specifics. It was freeing, if somewhat bittersweet, to pass fields of grain and revel in a bit of nostalgia about the smell of earth and growing things, instead of calculating probable crop yields and trade value.

Somewhat unsettled, she made her way down to the river just outside the village, bending to wash her face in the cool, rushing water. Then she stood and stretched slowly, working the kinks out of her legs and back, paying special attention to a sore calf muscle. John had managed to get a rare blow past her guard while sparring the day before, and the bruise still ached when she walked. The reminder made her smile. He was learning, for all he had said it was a lucky hit; and it was nice to have physical evidence of her usefulness.

Finished with her stretching, Teyla climbed up the hill to the west of the village. From there she could see the sun rise over the tops of the brown tents and the few, half-finished wooden structures in the valley below. As she settled into the familiar, cross-legged position she used for meditation, she spared a quick thought for the well-made axes she had seen in the marketplace on her team's last offworld mission, then dismissed it to the back of her mind to mention to Halling later. Now was the time to let go--to let go of planning, of worry, to let go of responsibility--and just be. As the sun became visible just over the horizon line, she drank in the sight of the small village lit by yellow-orange light. Then, she closed her eyes.

Prompt: 01--SGA, John/Rodney, movie night

It's not like it was easy being cool. A cool like John Sheppard's took real effort, even for an intergalactic explorer who could out fly, out flirt, and out fuck the best of them. There was all that paperwork to avoid, for one thing; and then there were the hot alien babes to seduce, the bad guys to taunt, and all those suicidal missions to survive. It was kind of amazing that he still found time to mess up his hair in the morning.

The thing was that even though having a geeky genius on his team--hell, even as his best friend--fit right into his image, John knew that he wasn't supposed to actually laugh at the man’s jokes. That made team movie night torture for John, because McKay's comments about whatever film was playing were almost always hilarious in the geekiest way possible. It just wasn't right. The scientist was supposed to be Spock to John's Kirk, brains to his brawn, and, most importantly, straight man to his witty one-liners. It wasn't supposed to be the other way around. (John was also pretty sure that he shouldn't notice the way the light from the screen reflected off of McKay's eyelashes. Kirk and Spock jokes aside, it really wasn’t supposed to work that way.)


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