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Jun. 4th, 2011 07:29 pm
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This is the mostly gen beginning of a completely self-indulgent AMTDI fic. It exists purely for the slashy setup. I mean, this is so self-indulgent that instead of using the nameless marine in "Suspicion," I stuck Sgt. Markham on the team just because I think he's adorable. This thing is probably going to be looooong, but I'm posting the beginning for day 5 of the [ profile] stargateland theme week challenge. (Also, I blame Mafia.)

Title: Fascinating
Disclaimer: Nope, really, really not mine.
Prompt: 24- SGA, Corrigan (the anthropologist from 'Suspicion'), fascinating

"Find anything good, doc?"

Dr. Al Corrigan looked up from his notebook at his team leader's question. It was a beautiful spring day here on the planet of the Quetzla people, which was a nice change from the last three rain-soaked missions. Al had been sitting on a downed tree at the edge of the village, scribbling down his conversation with the resident matriarch while his memory was still fresh. He had gotten most of it down, his pencil fueled by the excitement of discovery, and apparently he'd been sitting there longer than he had thought if Stackhouse and Markham were back from scouting out the area already. Poor Yamato, who had actually volunteered to stay behind for the normally dreaded job of anthropologist guard duty, looked bored out of his mind. Al smiled at him and shrugged a little in apology, then quickly scribbled down a few last key words before shutting his notebook and looking back up at Stackhouse. "Oh yeah, I can't even begin to tell you how fascinating their culture is."

"You always say that," Yamato complained, "and I still haven't figured out what it means. Fascinating like we're gonna have to stand around for weeks while you take pictures of rocks? Or do you mean fascinating like they're actually wraith worshippers and we'll be running for our lives in a few minutes?"

Markham snorted as he went to sit down on the other end of the log, Stackhouse remained standing, but his lips quirked up a little bit, and Yamato looked ridiculously pleased. Yamato was a good kid, but he had one of the most obvious cases of hero worship Al had ever seen. He actually pushed away from the tree he had been leaning against and bounced on his toes a little when Stackhouse said, "Kid has a point. What exactly do you mean by fascinating?"

"I mean fascinating like this is the reason the SGC recruited me. Remember how I told you that I'd been tapped for the expedition because of my work with the Ukomno'm people back in California? I did my post-doc work on the cultural effects of their base eight counting system."

"So, fascinating like standing around while you take pictures of rocks," Yamato put in quickly, still flush with his success.

"No, fascinating like really important. The Ancients used base eight for all of their technology, but most of the people we've encountered out here use base ten." Al stuck his pencil behind his ear and stood, brushing off the back of his uniform. "This is huge, guys. I mean, we've been extrapolating Ancient culture from myths and artifacts that are thousands upon thousands of years old, and except for the little we've been able to find out by studying the city and the ancient database so far, most of it has come from a galaxy away. This might be the closest we ever get to studying living, breathing Ancient culture. Plus, the fact that the base eight system is still in use today is indicative of a much closer relationship between these people's ancestors and the Ancients than anyone we've encountered before. That means there's a high probability of Ancient artifacts on this planet, which, considering our need for a ZPM, well, if we can get these people to trust us, there's no telling what we--"

"Whoa, whoa, there doc!" Stackhouse said, raising his hands as if he could stem the flow of Corrigan's words. "We got you. It's important. So, what do you want to do?"

Al felt his cheeks flush, realizing that he'd gotten carried away again. "Yeah, um, the headwoman invited us to stay the night. From what Halling said about these people, we should be pretty safe as long as we follow a few simple rules. I'd like us to stay, if that's okay? We could make our excuses, but I think staying would go a long way toward establishing trust with them."

"Alright, you heard the man. I'll go to the gate to check in with Dr. Weir, let her know what's going on. Markham, you're with me. Yamato, you're still on geek duty."

Markham stood up immediately, but Yamato leaned back against the tree and crossed his arms. "Aw, not again."

"Hey, you 're the one that was saying the village was like watching National Geographic live," Markham pointed out, then attempted a leer that looked unconvincing on his baby-round face. "But, you know, I guess I could stay if you're that bored."

"Cool," Yamato said, brightening. "Man, even naked boobs get boring when you're not allowed to touch them."

Stackhouse shook his head and grabbed Markham by the front of his tac vest, using the leverage to turn the man around before giving him a push in the direction of the stargate. "Team leader," he sing-songed, giving Yamato a farewell shove to the shoulder before following. "And be careful, kid. You keep saying stuff like that, and they might make you turn in your straight card."

Yamato spluttered at the unexpected jab. Al felt a little shocked, himself, considering that it came from Stackhouse of all the people in the galaxy. He busied himself putting away his pencil and notebook in his pack so he wouldn't burst into laughter, but he really couldn't help murmuring, "Oh please, like Yamato's not the only one here who'd even have one to turn in."

Al fought a blush again when all three men turned around to look at him. Damnit, he must have activated his radio when he took the pencil from behind his ear. Maybe no one would say anything?

Nope. Yamato was grinning from ear to ear. "Hey doc, that's really...fascinating."



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