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What I Just Finished Reading

I really hit the jackpot in terms of reading this week; the only near-miss was caused by my own lack of planning. *kicks self*

A Tyranny of Queens, by Foz Meadows, the sequel to An Accident of Stars. I did this book a terrible injustice by not rereading the first one before this sequel. I remembered Safi and Gwen, but lost track of most everyone else. So it was a good read, but not the great and engrossing one it could have been for me. So I'm planning a reread of both.

Behind the Throne and After the Crown, by K.B. Wagers. If you love Star Wars but wanted more intrigue, and less explosions, these books are for you! (There are still plenty of explosions, though. YAY EXPLOSIONS.) Non-stop action, fun characterization, unusual South Asian based worldbuilding! I devoted pretty much two whole days of my life to these books last week, and I don't regret it one bit. Third book in the series coming this fall!

Traitor's Blade, by Sebastien De Castell. This is a hilarious, snarky take on The Three Musketeers, and probably any number of other things. Four big fat thick books in this series!

What I Am Currently Reading

Knight's Shadow, the sequel to Traitor's Blade, because it was sitting right there at the library. How could I resist? Still a wild ride, but now with even more fierce female characters!

What I Am Reading Next

Next up is the Frances Hardinge Festival (which was postponed when Knight's Shadow showed up) featuring Fly by Night and its sequel, Fly Trap. So many hilarious quotes from these books on Goodreads - how could I resist?

I am out of exclamation points, so I will stop now *giggle snort* What are all of you up to today?
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Summer is become very summery in my garden! We've had a few hummingbirds, but the bigger excitement in the garden has been the sighting of hummingbird moths!

(Photo not by me, because there's now way I'd be able to get that.) WOW.

What I Just Finished Reading

Wool, by Hugh Howey, a self-published novella which is apparently the start of the Silo series, but I wasn't really engaged by it (and not in the mood for yet another distopian series) so didn't pursue any further.

Conspiracy of Ravens, by Lila Bowen, which was the sequel to Wake of Vultures. I didn't enjoy this one has much as I did the other; it seemed lacking in that sense of rambunctious joy despite the vampires/werewolves/chupacabras/whatever that infused the first book. This one felt like it was trying just a little bit too hard.

The Prey of the Gods, by Nicky Draden, which I did enjoy to pieces, ohmigosh, an unusual plot and setting, GREAT characters, fun, witty writing, four stars all around!

What I Am Currently Reading

Ally, Book 4 in the Wess'har War series. The further I delve into this series, the more impressed I am with the deft plotting, characterization, sly wit, and incisive observation. There's no black nor white here, but a varied palette of greys, providing much food for thought.

Behind the Throne, by K.B. Wagers. The back cover blurb compares this kickass heroine to Han Solo, Leia, and Rey; I'd definitely add Jyn Erso to that list too. I've only read a little bit but I'm impressed so far.

What I Am Reading Next

After the Crown, the sequel to Before the Throne, because it was right there in front of me.

Of Sorrow and Such, by Angela Slatter, as recommended by [personal profile] ribby.

A Tyranny of Queens, by Foz Meadows, which I feel like I've been waiting for forever!

Question of the Day: Peek out your nearest window. What do you see? I see a cardinal out at my bird feeder, chirping away. He's not bothered by the heat at all.

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Jul. 11th, 2017 05:02 pm
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holy shit

Last night I was like, nah, you're seeing things, wishful thinking, etc, but after treatment #2? The cords really ARE shrinking, dramatically so.

"Stops progressing" would have been a good outcome. Actual reversal happens in a minority of cases, almost always in patients who treat it very early. I'm SO FUCKING GLAD I insisted on going as aggressive as possible. Even if I wind up with more chronic pain out of it, I'll keep use of my hands for a fuck of a lot longer, thank ANYTHING THAT WAS LISTENING

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Jul. 11th, 2017 01:25 am
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First dose of radiation done, out of five (once per day this week). Aside from 20 minutes of "shitting cockgoblin fuckmuppet" pain levels just now, which did die down to just a slightly elevated from normal "ow ow ow ow ow", it was fairly uneventful! Holding the position required for the treatment is worse than the actual treatment, which is basically "the machine goes click whirr for 45 seconds".

So curious to see what happens in six weeks. The way this works, you see, is by activating all the dormant spots so the second round can nuke them in 12 weeks...

Birthday Round Up - June - July 2017

Jul. 9th, 2017 08:07 am
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Hey there - I am doing the birthday round up for June - July 2017. Happy birthdays for those with birthdays in those months. I hope you have great days on your special days and a great year ahead. Much love!

On LJ:
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11: fairjennet - fairjennet
12: kellanbrodie - Kellan Brodie
16: dixiechick61688 - Amanda Nicole
21: larianelensar - Larian
21: elladansgirl - Jade
28: bella_sol - Bella.Sol

06: mirien - mirien
06: rhapsody11 - Rhapsody the Bard
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06: tuxedo_elf - Tuxedo Elf
07: silverscripture - silverscripture
09: winged_embrace - ~*~ Renee ~*~
12: chaotic_binky - chaotic_binky
16: arthvaineth - Lady Arthvaineth
19: rainbow1907 - Rena
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24: nienna_weeper - Nienna
31: ckoddly - ckoddly

On DW:
06: prttyprncss05 - Susan
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