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Let's just take a minute from fighting with the phone software upgrade (But I don't want to connect to iCloud! I don't want to use Apple Wallet!) to talk about books. Much less stressful.

What I Just Finished Reading

I wanted something quick to read on my Kindle, and so picked up Uncharted Territory, by Connie Willis. This is early Willis, and it's not quite as polished as her more recent work, but it was Spoiler! ) a fun read.

Since I still wanted more quick e-book stuff, I picked up a Star Wars Challenge on Worlds Without End and read Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure and Smuggler's Run: A Han and Chewbacca Adventure, both very light and popcorn-y. And then, because I wasn't quite ready to be done with Star Wars, I read Phasma, by Delilah Dawson, which was NOT light and popcorny. Let's be honest: we know that the only reason we loved Captain Phasma in SF:TWA is that we knew it was Gwendoline Christie under all that shiny metal. How bad could she be?
This Phasma is not that Phasma.
This Phasma is a stone-cold bitch determined to survive and prosper no matter who or what stands in her way, and her origin story is fascinating and horrifying.
This Phasma would have strangled Finn, Han, and Chewie with their own entrails without breaking a sweat.
If this is the Phasma of The Last Jedi, oh wow, we are all in BIG TROUBLE.
And then, when I was temporarily out of Star Wars stuff, I read Reincarnation Blues. I had seen this compared to Good Omens, so I thought, "Great!" The parts that were light and fun were fun, and a quick read, but the darker turns, where the whole reincarnation business isn't working out too well, were QUITE dark, and hard to read. So I'm not sure how I felt about the book overall. (And I don't know why on Earth they asked Robin Hobb and Sherwood Smith to blurb this book, since it's about as far from their stuff as a fantasy can possibly, possibly be.)

Oh, I forgot, I also read Rebel Rising, another Star Wars, this one with Jyn Erso's backstory. If you've seen Rogue One then you know that her story is not one of flowers and dancing unicorns, but the novel was very well written and engaging.

What I Am Currently Reading

Leia, Princess of Alderaan, by Claudia Grey, which is just excellent (as is to be expected from Claudia Grey.) This begins with Leia at sixteen, and I imagine it will end just where Rogue One did. I am looking forward to finishing this later this afternoon.

Autonomous which came out yesterday and which I picked up yesterday (♥ my library system). Just EXCELLENT and something I expect to see on all the awards lists next year. Very topical, fast-paced, engaging characters including one really hilarious bot, original plot.

What I Am Reading Next

Also published yesterday, and picked up yesterday, Null States by Malka Older, political thriller/scifi, the sequel to Infomocracy, which I read last year and liked a lot.

Waiting for me at the FCPL: At the Table of Wolves by Kay Kenyon, which I only just heard about the other day, and didn't expect to get so soon. Look at that cover! Looks like someone's trying to sell it as a cross between "The Man in the High Castle" and "Agent Carter". We shall see!
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This was a great week for reading, even if not everything I read was that great. But a lot of it was!

What I Just Finished Reading

The Immortal Descendants, Books 1-3 by April White. I feel bad giving only two stars, since this series did provide hours of entertainment, but, yeah, two stars.

Time's Child, by Rebecca Ore. Oh, this could have been so good. The premise was a killer - hearty peasant stock (with a few broad-minded intellectuals thrown in) brought through via time travel to rebuild society following a devastating worldwide plague. The political and social worldbuilding - city states, warring future factions sneakily making the time-travel possible - was really thought provoking. Alas, the narrative was absolutely flat, and the characterization of the time travelers was ridiculous. The whole read more like a clean first-draft of a novel, rather than a finished work. So disappointing.

Wyrd Sisters, by Terry Pratchett. Hilarious, and a perfect palate-cleanser after the two previous!

Taste of Marrow, by Sarah Gailey, the sequel to River of Teeth, which I LOVED. At first I thought, "Where are the feral hippos? This is reading like a soap opera." But eventually the hippos showed, and YES. (Also, I never expected to see a case of mastitis as a significant plot detail, so yay for that! Also, ouch. I really felt for Adelia. )

What I Am Currently Reading

Golden Age and Other Stories, by Naomi Novik. This is a very slender book - 177 pages - and illustrated with assorted bits of fanart, some of which inspired the stories herein. They are Temeraire-verse stories ("Now that I'm writing other stuff, let's clear all this dragon stuff off the hard drive. I'm sure somebody will buy it.") but so far, I'm not delighted. *sad*

Dreaming Death, by J. Kathleen Cheney. Secondary-world sort of police-procedural fantasy, very engaging, intriguing characters!

What I Am Reading Next

Not sure! I bought a copy of Good Omens, and won a copy of Reincarnation Blues at our local bookstore, and have a load of things on hold at the library, so I am pretty spoiled for choices right now.

Question of the Day: Weather, weather, weather - how's yours today?


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