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HOkay, sudden obsession with a television show. Um, what the hell? This hasn't happened since I was about 16 and fell for Jordan Catalano. I mean, I was 16 then--that's the proper time to crush on tv characters; that's the time to get drawn into a show just to see what happens next. Not now. Now, I'm supposed to be this free spirit, not living on the road but still post-hippie flower child, distaining of modern pop culture elitist bitch, remember?

So, yeah, I'm having a really hard time figuring out what the fuck it is about Supernatural that has me all mushy and giddy. It can't just be the pretty; there's lots of pretty out there, right? I usually only get caught up in literary!pretty. And I'm almost as fond of Bobby and Pamela as I am of the boys or of Castiel. They're definitely not so pretty. What is with this?

After two days of obsessively trying to figure out why oh why Bobby saying "idjit" is so freaking familiar (tracked it down to a friend of my dad's I haven't seen since I was about 5 years old), I'm starting to think I like the show so much because it makes me nostalgic. Maybe it's that whole Mom's dead and now it's us against the world vibe, or maybe it's the eau de motor oil and the comforting static of a police scanner. Hell, maybe I just miss hanging out in the bar with my dad while classic rock blares in the background.

So, yeah, my daddy is a John Winchester clone. But, you know, without the whole killing ghost thing. And me? Apparently, I'm Mary Sue.

Dude, I am so LAME sometimes.


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