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Hey there. Typing is kind of soothing today, with the nice clickity-clack of the keys over the lovely electrical hum of the air conditioner. Something soothing is definitely what I need right about now. Ahhh...electricity. I love, love, love electricity.

Since the hurricane, I've been working double shifts at my Grandma's house. She has no power, and asks me every twenty minutes or so why her lamp/tv/refrigerator doesn't work. Seriously, every twenty minutes except when she's actually sleeping. Since last Saturday.

Yes, I did say Saturday.

It's not her fault that she can't remember, but I swear I'm going to shake her one of these times. Okay, so probably not, but still. Every. Twenty. Minutes. The kiddo, who is coming to her house with me until Dad cleans up from the flooding in his place, ends up arguing with her every time she does it. It always turns into a huge dramatic mess. Luckily, we have some relief nurses coming in now, and I have tomorrow and the next day off. Thank you God.

I can't believe I'm whining about my grandma, who after all is safe, alive, and has a roof over her head--just like the rest of my friends and family here in Houston. Isn't it funny how the little annoyances become so very annoying even though they don't really matter at all? Even after living through something as dangerous as a hurricane? After all the craziness, there are so, so many good things that I should be thanking my stars about. I think I'll make a list.

1. We're alive.

2. The people I love are safe and well (if a bit soggy and temperamental in places).

3. The really big oak tree did not, in fact, crash into my apartment building like the other oak tree did to the people who live two buildings down. I have a roof and intact windows and actually no damage at all. I am so, so, so lucky.

4. I went to the grocery store yesterday. It was open.

5. The neighbors across the street from my grandma's house are very nice. I met them while hauling tree limbs to the curb, thereby getting to talk to someone with a mental age of above ten years. Wheee!

6. I have power! Electrical power is wonderful, I can't stress this enough.

7. Having gas in the tank of my van is pretty wonderful too, even if it did take me an hour and a half to get it.

8. Normally, an hour is entirely too long to wait for a McDonald's hamburger--but it was totally worth it after so many days of eating food out of a can. It tasted sooooo good.

9. I'm here and alive and safe to whine about the little things. Yay for human nature.

Geez, what a list--half complaining, half grateful. It's times like these when I realize what a silly thing I really am. :D
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Okay, picture this:
You're walking along this path. It's a twisty path; tree branches grow across it, and the high grass on either side is so overgrown that it sometimes hides the sudden dips and hollows along the way. Still, you walk confidently. You've traveled this path for miles. You learned the hard way that you have to duck those tree branches, and you know that it's a really good idea to keep your eyes on your sneakers. Hell, you even remembered to bring mosquito spray and a raincoat this time. You OWN this path.

Then...whap! A humongous tree branch comes out of nowhere and slaps you in the face. You thought you were doing so great remembering to watch your feet, but you forgot to duck! You'd berate yourself if your nose wasn't so painfully broken. Oh well. It's too late now. Consciousness slips away, and your spirit floats up out of your body to hover over the path. That's when you notice. Huh. That tree looks really familiar. Oh my, this path isn't going anywhere after all. It's just a big circle! All that walking, and here you are, right back where you started.

That's what my week has been like, lots of unexpected tree branches. Read more... )


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