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Yes, we're finally here. We arrived one day late, which really sucked, but the oil leak in the van suddenly got lots worse once set out from Joplin. We had to stop a bazillion times to buy yet another quart of oil, put it in, and then let the engine cool to a reasonable temperature. Insanity, I tell you. We got to the fair a mere two hours before it opened on Sunday. We were tired and cranky all day, and the rain made it almost unbearable. The COLD rain. I'd forgotten how chilly it can get here at this time of year. In any case, we survived, and we made it to the fair. That's all that counts.

We're staying in a Super 8 for the week. It's very odd not to be living in the campground. The health department did shut it down, which was probably for the best, but it feels sort of like losing home. Everyone seems a little lost. However, I'm not really complaining. I have a shower, heater, and internet access. Why complain?

Still, I smell drama on the wind. Everyone is pissed about the campground, and I don't blame them. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.
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Just a quick note to say we made it to Oklahoma.
Much less gloomy and more adventuresome now, though v. tired from driving all night.

Hugs to you all.

We're in Missouri now, getting ready for the last 10 hour stretch. A gorgeous dawn this morning--orange and pink sky and distant foggy hills.

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We've been getting confused and panicky calls and emails from our friends all morning. Rumor has it that the health department has closed down the campground and possibly most of the food booths at the fair. No idea what's really going on, but somehow I doubt all the rumors can be true.

The campground rumor has at least been confirmed by someone on the scene, so I guess we'll be staying in a hotel room tomorrow night. I'll try to drop another line here when we get there. Just about every hotel has internet access now. I thought it would be a luxury, but it seems to be right up there with shampoo and a continental breakfast these days. I think it's awesome.
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As usual, we're running late and low on funds; but the Michigan renfair starts next weekend, and we have to be there. We leave tomorrow evening. I just hope we can make it there by Friday.

I'm feeling a bit Frodo-ish about being on the road this year. You know how he changes Bilbo's road song to say "weary" feet instead of "eager" feet? I've got weary feet. Living on the road no longer about adventure for me.

Part of this is because we won't have the camper with us this time, and because we still don't know where we're staying once we get there. The largest part, I think, is that this isn't a "there and back again" adventure. We're always in between places. Despite all my efforts to change things, we've been living out of boxes and bags for almost 9 years now. I'm ready to go home.

As soon as I get one, I'm going there like a shot.

Perhaps I'll feel better once we get to Michigan. It will be nice to see friends again and to have some kiddo free time. If we do well enough, we may even buy a new camper with running water, a refrigerator, a stove that works, and maybe even a separate bed for Larry and me. I think that would be home-like enough to make me happy.

I don't know, I think I'm just gloomy cause I'm still getting over a cold. That's probably it.

Anyway, not sure about internet access, but it should be easier this year with the laptop. I'll try to make a post or two here, and I'll definitely be checking my email about once or twice a week. Otherwise, I'll see you guys in October. :)
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…But I‘m pretty darn close to the edge of civilization here in Muskogee, Oklahoma. It turned out to be cheaper to stay in a motel for the run of the fair than it would be to drive back to Texas and pick up our camper, so we‘ve been here for three weeks instead of just one weekend. Sorry guys, I know I owe some of you rp posts and an email or two, but that will have to wait until I get back home. Wireless internet is almost impossible to find in this town. The librarian at the local library says there’s a restaurant near the hospital that has wi fi. If I can’t find it, I’m going to go sit in the hospital parking lot to check my email and post this later this afternoon. Hopefully, I won’t get caught. :D

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Jul. 19th, 2006 02:46 am
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It's a miracle! We're finally leaving for Michigan tomorrow night. We'll go first the Silverleaf Renaissance Fair in Kalamazoo, then the big fair in Flint. I'm all excited and stuff--just can't wait to be off on our own, just Larry and the kiddo and me. :) And no grandma nagging me! and pretti dresses! and sparkly tiaras! oh, and work too, of course. *grin* I will miss you all terribly, though. You people are just the best. I can't think about it too much or I'll get all weepy. Silly me. If only freedom came with internet access!

Anyway, since so many people have asked how I manage to live for so long on the road (goodness I'll miss bathrooms), I decided to post pictures of the interior of my camper. That way everybody can see where I'll be living for the next couple of months.

I didn't edit them for size at all. There's just not enough time. And for some reason they came out all blurry, but here they are.
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